This page is will be updated to include new resources. If you have any, please inform us on the Matrix chatroom, link on the sidebar.

Support for local dictionaries such as StarDict, Migaku, and JSON has been added to ssmtool in version 0.3. This means you can use them for offline use, or if Wiktionary do not have good coverage for your language.

Here are some dictionaries available online for download, collected in a single page.


Hu Zheng (StarDict author) personal website, over 100 dictionaries

Russian Wiktionary Exports (Multiple languages with definitions in Russian) (Might have formatting issues)

English Wiktionary Exports (Disclaimer: Not tested by author)

GTongue Dictionaries (Disclaimer: Not tested by author)

Converted Apple Dictionaries, 41 dictionaries, some bilingual (Torrent)

Wiktionary for eBook Readers, also available in StarDict


Migaku Official MEGA Folder, 11 languages

Converted Apple Dictionaries, 41 dictionaries, some bilingual (Torrent)

Other formats

These will not work with ssmtool, but you can use them in other programs, such as GoldenDict, a powerful dictionary app. Support for them may be added in the future in ssmtool.

BGL (Babylon)

Google drive folder, a lot of dictionaries, but mostly only for English, some of them technical. Google drive

DSL (Lingvo)

Rutracker GoldenDict Dictionaries (Russian, English, Ukrainian) (Page in Russian, click “скачать” to download torrent)

Conversion programs

You may be able to use these programs to convert your dictionaries in other formats to a format supported by ssmtool:

Unfortunately this might be difficult to install for Windows users. You’re welcome to ask for help on Matrix for conversion.