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Updating to ru15k v3.0

The new version (v3.0) of the ru15k deck has just been released. This post contains instructions for existing users of the earlier versions of ru15k who wants to update to the new version. If you are a new user, or only studied a small number of cards from the original ru15k, you can also simply delete the original deck and start using this deck directly, which would not require any manual intervention. If you have done an upgrade before, the process should be largely the same.

Anki decks from Tatoeba sentences

This blog post is a tutorial on creating a CSV file to import into Anki using Tatoeba sentences, a frequency list, and pre-downloaded Wiktionary entries.

You can find the frequency dictionary file (freqdict.csv) here and the Tatoeba sentences directly from their website.

Russian resource guide

Here is a compiled list of immersion-based learning resources for Russian, some of which I have used myself.

The information is not guaranteed to be correct. If you would like to correct anything, please join our Matrix or Telegram chatroom and give your suggestions. (link on the sidebar)