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Using SSM with mpvacious to mine videos

Mpvacious is an addon for the mpv video player. Mpv is a free, keyboard-driven and highly extensible, which makes it particularly suitable for language learning.

Mpvacious facilitates making Anki notes from subtitled videos. While it supports adding notes directly, in this post we will use SSM to actually add the cards, then use mpvacious to add the screenshot and audio afterwards.

Dictionaries and frequency lists for SSM

This page is will be updated to include new resources. If you have any, please inform us on the Matrix chatroom, link on the sidebar.

Support for local dictionaries such as StarDict, Migaku, and JSON has been added to ssmtool in version 0.3. This means you can use them for offline use, or if Wiktionary do not have good coverage for your language.

Support for local frequency lists have been added in version 0.5. This information is displayed on the LCD counter widget on the window which should help you decide whether to add a card (you might want to prioritize adding a note with a word at frequency rank 5000, rather than another one at 40000).

Announcing ssmtool local API

A basic but fully functional API has been added in ssmtool version 0.3. The goal of this is to enable extensions for other programs, such as ebook readers or video players, to depend on ssmtool’s infrastructure and configuration.

Simple Sentence Mining (ssmtool) full tutorial


Simple Sentence Mining (ssmtool) is a universal, cross-platform, multilingual, clipboard-based tool that helps you generate Anki flashcards from whatever source. It is free software under the GNU GPLv3 license, meaning you are free to use, modify, and distribute it, even commerically, as long as it remains under the same license.