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Updating to ru15k v3.0

The new version (v3.0) of the ru15k deck has just been released. This post contains instructions for existing users of the earlier versions of ru15k who wants to update to the new version. If you are a new user, or only studied a small number of cards from the original ru15k, you can also simply delete the original deck and start using this deck directly, which would not require any manual intervention. If you have done an upgrade before, the process should be largely the same.

Tracking your time with free software

Immersion-based language learning can be demotivating at times because of a feeling of the lack of progress, unlike with traditional output-focused techniques in which level can be assessed with the ability to speak. One of the main ways to measure your progress in immersion is by tracking your time. Unfortunately, most time tracking tools out there are online and proprietary, which is unacceptable because what you spend your time on is sensitive and valuable information.

Using SSM with mpvacious to mine videos

Mpvacious is an addon for the mpv video player. Mpv is a free, keyboard-driven and highly extensible, which makes it particularly suitable for language learning.

Mpvacious facilitates making Anki notes from subtitled videos. While it supports adding notes directly, in this post we will use SSM to actually add the cards, then use mpvacious to add the screenshot and audio afterwards.

Simple Sentence Mining (ssmtool) full tutorial


Simple Sentence Mining (ssmtool) is a universal, cross-platform, multilingual, clipboard-based tool that helps you generate Anki flashcards from whatever source. It is free software under the GNU GPLv3 license, meaning you are free to use, modify, and distribute it, even commerically, as long as it remains under the same license.